Big Changes!

You might have noticed the big change on the website, I’m not married to the new layout yet, so feedback will be helpful!

changes 2

But the change I am talking about is different. I have actually joined a local writing group.. and I’ve actually shared some of my writing! That’s right, I have looked at real people in the face while I read something I wrote and they critiqued it. HUGE NEWS FOR ME! I’m barely comfortable sharing any of my writing on here, and I can only do that because I just assume no one actually reads it.

I hate New Years resolutions, because I always end up feeling like a failure, but one of my goals this year is to interact with real humans face to face, not just connect with you beautiful, anonymous internet souls. So I went on and found a local group.

I am so happy I did! I’ve gone to 3 meetings so far and already feel like my writing has improved. I am able to bounce off ideas to people, tell them what I am struggling with and get some feedback and advice. Everyone there is actually very nice and supportive. I leave the meetings feeling energized and excited to write again. I think it was just the shock I needed to get out of my funk and get writing again.

The one thing I struggle with is the critiques. Not just my own stuff being looked at. Right now I don’t feel confident in my abilities. I am significantly younger then everyone there, and they have done a lot of writing. Some have written a couple books. I feel like a bit of a weirdo critiquing, when I am still so new to the process. I almost feel like I don’t really have anything useful to add. But that is my hangup, and has nothing to do with them. No one has ever made me feel that way.

We meet for 2 hours twice a month. The first Friday we have a topic of discussion that someone researches and presents, then we do some free-writing exercises and we read them aloud to the group. The 2nd Friday is a critique night. People submit 12 pages before hand, we all take turns going around the room and sharing our thoughts on it. Then we do more free-writing and sharing. I honestly forgot how fun a quick free-writing exercise with a writing prompt can be. I really enjoy hearing everyone’s different takes on the same prompt.

I am so happy I joined this group. I really feel invigorated and excited about writing. I think I lost the excitement around writing, and even blogging, it became work and not fun. This really gave me the kick in the ass I needed!