Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History

Leave it to Labyrinth and David Bowie to finally pull me out of my dry spell. I know I’ve been missing, and I have no excuse other than I have been blocked both with writing and reading.

Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History came out last year for the 30th anniversary of the movie. I have been playing the waiting game before I bought it because the cost was rather high. This beautiful book finally became mine this week and I read it in a day. I say read but I more mean devoured it in a day.

This book is a beautiful love letter not only to the movie The Labyrinth, but also Jim Henson himself. It is a full history of the entire movie, from the concept to the reception of the finished product. It is 189 pages of history, amazing pictures and copies of memos and  scratch papers with drawings and notes from Jim during the production.

20170507_173313                                                      Would you look at these cuties? C’mon!

I am not much of a book reviewer, (I leave that to @booksvertigoandtea), but I would highly recommend this to not just Labyrinth and Jim Henson lovers, but all movie buffs. Along with all the history into the movie, there is also very technical breakdowns of how certain puppets worked and were made. There is an entire chapter for choreography and music. As someone who dvd extras were designed for (director’s commentaries give me life!),  one of my favorite aspect was the storyboards of the movie.


To see so many notes, instructions and ideas written in Jim Henson’s own hand  was amazing. It doesn’t read like a history book, more like a story told by the people involved. There are interviews from recently and interviews from during the production. I thought I knew everything there was to know about the movie, but I was wrong.

This entire book was absolutely wonderful. I enjoyed every second of it.

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