FanFiction Friday (Adjacent)

I know I’m late, but between being busy with work and my mother visiting I had a hard time finishing this fic! But better late than never I guess. If you didn’t last week check out the music video here:



Damn this suit. He thought as he adjusted the collar of his shirt but continued to sing. He had to get this right, he had to make her remember and the song was the key. Although it wasn’t actually the suit that was bothering him, but more the reason why he was here that was making him anxious. A feeling he wasn’t really use to. He spent a great deal of time in the realm so he was use to wearing its strange clothes, but his goblins usually only hide in the shadows when they were here. They fidgeted while playing their instruments, clearly uncomfortable in their human disguises. The only one allowed to be in his natural form was Hoggle. Jareth was told that all his goblins going above needed to be disguised, but technically Hoggle was a dwarf so he wasn’t exactly breaking the rules just bending them slightly in his favor.

Sarah was never supposed to run the Labyrinth, they were absolutely fated to meet , they were soul mates after all, but later in her life. He was taken by surprise when she actually called on him. She was only given the damn book to help prepare her for the truth when they finally met. Everyone felt the Underground would be easier to accept if it was something she was familiar with since childhood, so a book was slipped in her attic when her mother moved out. Sarah found the book and assumed it was her mother’s so she cherished all the more. They did not know that he had also hid a music box with a song it for her as well. Not one of the Fates thought she would actually say the words from the story, but his Sarah was always surprising everyone. He never went easy on her in the Labyrinth and she still beat him. He followed the rules exactly, never once giving her a hand (maybe once when the wall fell during the chase with the cleaners, but it was in a very old unkempt part of the Labyrinth so no could prove the wall didn’t fall itself), the council didn’t believe him though they were positive he let her win.

The rules were a human’s memory of the Underground was to be erased, but Sarah still had dreams about her time as a runner. Proof to Jareth that she was meant to still be his queen. He appealed to Fates to give him one more chance to win her heart, they agreed  but because of their disbelief he didn’t interfere in the Labyrinth they put some stipulations on him. He had the 3 hours he took from Sarah in the Labyrinth to make her remember. He can’t speak to her and he can’t use his magic to induce her memories. So here he was pretending to be a human in a band hoping to get her here the song. “What the girl didn’t know was the king of the goblins gave her certain powers…” is what the book said, but really the king of the goblins gave her part of his magic in the form of a song, so when she hummed it he felt it.

He continued singing while to goblins practiced, adjusting to their much larger hands, but made his way to the copier. They never said he couldn’t use his magic to send her pictures to help her remember.

“Puts it over there!” he pointed a stubby finger to clear space on the wall and two human shaped goblins came in with a rather large painting.

“Keep playing the music, I need to deal with this.” he instructed the band, “Higgle, what on earth is that?” he smirked when he saw the little man sigh angrily at the misuse of his name.

“I paints it for the Queen, I was hoping she’d like to use it as her official portrait.” Hoggle folded his arms across his chest, fully expecting his King to say something horrible and mean. After a full 15 seconds of silence he finally looked up and saw Jareth staring longingly at the painting.

He cleared his throat, “Good work Hoggle. She’s going to love it.” he rested a hand on Hoggle’s shoulder for a split second before removing it almost a quick.

“She’s only gots an hour left, do you think this will work?”

“It has to. I’m sure our Sarah will be here any moment now.” Hoggle preened at Jareth referring to her as “our” Sarah. Normally it was always, “my Sarah”. Jareth tilted his head to the side and considered the portrait again. It was a very  a good likeness. They both jumped and quickly turned at the sound of the door flinging open. Their faces fell when they realized it was only the wind.

“I’ll go check to see what that was.” Hoggle limped over to the door and peeked around but it seemed to only be the wind.

“Come on Sarah.” Jareth said under his breath but went back to rehearsing with the band.


“Damn, damn, damn!” Jareth shouted to the room.

“Sorry Boss. We’ll do it better this time.” the goblin on the drums said. He swung around to look at the goblins.

“We have 5 minutes left! 5 minutes and you sound terrible!” the wind blew the door open again but he had stopped looking to the door 20 minutes ago. Apparently the placement of the building was in a wind tunnel cause it would not stop blowing open. “Hogwart close that door! Take it from the top.” but the band didn’t start, they just stared behind him.

“It’s Hoggle, and I thought you guys sounded great.” a familiar female voice said. He finally turned to find Sarah sitting at a table with Hoggle holding his hand.

“I remember him, I remember the Labyrinth, I remember Ludo and Sir Didymus completely but why can I only remember flashes of your face?”

“It’s a wonder you can remember any of it at all, they wiped your mind of the entire ordeal. Do you know my name? How much of the song did you hear just now?” he asked, trying to be careful of what he said to her. She still didn’t remember everything and they weren’t clear with how much she had to remember.”Just the very end with the music, I don’t know what song it was. And no I don’t know your name. Could you play the song again?”

“Of course.” He looked back and nodded to the band to start.

“There’s such a sad look
Deep in your eyes, a kind of pale jewel
Open and closed within your eyes
I place the sky within your eyes

There’s such a fooled heart
Beating so fast in search of new dreams
A love that will last within your heart
I’ll place the moon within your heart

As the pain sweeps through
Makes no sense for you
Every thrill has gone
Wasn’t too much fun at all
But I’ll be there for you
As the world falls down

Falling in love…”

Hoggle felt her hand tense and she sat up. “JARETH! Your name is Jareth!! Hoggle told me it after we were running from the cleaner! I remember!!” she leaped up from the table and ran over to him, her green eyes sparkling with excitement. “You sent the cleaners on me!” her eyebrows furrowed. He chuckled and leaned forward and kissed her forehead.

“I did, but I also knocked a wall down so you were safe.”

“Why didn’t you come for me sooner?”

“I couldn’t. Rules of the game, you weren’t allowed to remember any of it once you ran.”

“But I did remember, I dreamed about it and that song I always remember that song. Why did you come now?”

“Why? Because of what no one knew.” he smiled at her and tucked some of her dark hair behind her ears. He looked deep into her eyes while she tried to figure out what he meant. Suddenly she remembered and made a silent Oh when it hit her.

“What no one knew was the King had fallen in love with her and given her certain powers. You gave me powers, that’s why I could still remember some of it! If I’m not supposed to remember how are you here?”

“I struck up a deal, I had to make you remember before you turned 25. 25 is when most humans lose all innocence and belief in magic.”

“So what now?” she asked smiling up at him.

“That depends on you my lovely.” he ran his fingers through her hair some more. He wanted to do that for so long. She stepped closer to him.

“Was there a statue of limitations on your offer?” he smiled fully for the first time in many years,

“You’re in luck, it’s 10 years so you just made it under the wire.”

“Then I wish the King of the Goblins would take me away. Right now.” she reached up on her toes and kissed him hard.

5 thoughts on “FanFiction Friday (Adjacent)

  1. I am surprised you were even able to finish this! It is so much more than I expected ❤ Did you write the rest of this very recently? Way to go mama! Great stuff. Your love and knowledge of Labyrinth always shine through in your work. I love that because it feels true to it all (if that remark makes sense haha). Keep it coming ❤

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