Sneak Peek!

Here is the promised sneak peek of my book, this is one of those semi-autobiographical (I’m not so good at dating). I hope you enjoy and please be kind, cause sharing this is incredibly hard 🙂



David sat down much closer to Kate then was strictly necessary, but he couldn’t help himself since it clearly bothered her so much. He was trying to be nicer to her for Nate’s sake, as a wing-man you should never piss off the friends of the girl your buddy is trying  get with, but being him he couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make her a little uncomfortable. Well that’s what he told himself, if he were being honest with himself he would know if was because he couldn’t seem to stay away from her. He naturally seemed to gravitate to where ever she was. What Benji had said had really been weighing on him for the last 24 hours, and his cheek still burned every time he thought of that kiss.  He grinned when he noticed her tense, but then he realized it wasn’t him making her uncomfortable but Pedro’s question,

“Kate, I cannot figure out why you are still single?”

“She’s too picky” interjected Hope before Kate could respond

“I absolutely am not too picky, even if I wanted to be in a relationship there isn’t anyone out there I want.” Kate defended herself, while leaning further away from David as he stretched an arm on the back of the chair behind her shoulders.

“How would you know if you don’t even date?” Maggie posed it as a question but in reality was a statement.

“I do date! Look I’ve got a profile on a dating site. It’s just I’ve never actually had a good date.” She pulled her phone out and opened the app. Hope quickly snatched the device out of her hand and started looking through her profile.

“There’s lots of matches here,  what’s wrong with this guy he’s cute!”  Hope asked turning the screen for everyone to see.

“He told me to ‘Holla’ back at him sometime, and I don’t do that.” Kate stated matter-of -factly, she couldn’t help but smile when she heard a snicker come from next to her.

“See, picky!” Hope said frustrated with Kate’s answer.

“Ok, maybe I was being picky with him, but truthfully ALL the dates I’ve been on have been disasters. Even the ones I think are nice end up showing me what weirdos they are.”

“That’s not very fair, not all guys are bad. You can’t lump them all in just cause you had a few bad dates.” Hope couldn’t help smiling up sweetly at Nate who was sitting on the arm of her chair.

“Maybe the problem isn’t guys, but is with you.” Maggie piped in.

“Thanks for that Maggie, super helpful.” Kate rolled her eyes at Maggie and continued, “I know not all men are bad, I can look around at the men in my life-like Uncle Leo or even Pedro to see that. I’m still on the fence about this one,” she pointed at Nate and ignored the dirty look Hope was giving her. “I’m saying my history with men has not been great and the ones that are out there to date are weirdos and dirt bags. To sum up, I’ve had a few conversations that fizzle out quickly, been stood up, told to holla at a guy who thinks he’s Jamie Kennedy in Malibu’s most wanted, had guy message me who’s pic was just his penis in tight jeans, and a guy who’s interest include ‘cats, drugs, Netflix, cats and making out for like 2 hours.’ Oh and the best one, was the guy who pulled his pants down in the movie theater parking lot to show me his black silk thong.”

“NOOOO! He didn’t really?” Pedro asked appalled.

“He did, then asked me ‘Do you like what you see?’” Kate heard David choke on his drink while laughing.

“What did you say?” David asked

“Well I laughed at him and told him ‘Nope’ then got in my car and drove away. I think I’m too antagonistic for dating. The last guy I talked to blow up before we even made a date.We ended up arguing.”

“Oh Kate! About what?” Hope leaned over and put her hand over Kate’s.

“He said it’s not a real heel unless it’s 3 inches or more. I told him he should try wearing heels before he started making blanket statements like that. He said I was one of ‘those women’ and well it just exploded from there.”

“Hey, what about this guy? Your conversation was getting pretty hot and heavy…”  Maggie had taken the phone out of Hope’s hand and began scrolling through the past messages.

“Give me that!” Kate yanked the phone out of Maggie’s hand, “Oh this guy, turned out to be the thong guy pretending to be someone else.” she was beginning to get uncomfortable with the conversation, especially once she remembered David was sitting there listening to everything. “Well you’re being uncharacteristically quiet tonight, no jabs at my expense?” she addressed David

“Nope, I’m just taking mental notes on what not to do with women. Besides nothing I can say will make you feel as bad as you probably already do.”

“Har Har. You’re a witty one. I’m going to go refill my wine, anyone want anything?” Kate got up and walked back into the kitchen before anyone could respond. She wasn’t normally embarrassed about her dating stories, she usually loved telling them, it was a funny story. Maybe it was the wine making her feel lonely, or all the talk going on recently about romance and love. She wasn’t completely heartless, sometimes she did get lonely and sad.

David sat and watched Kate leave while everyone carried on the conversation. To everyone else it was just Kate telling silly stories, but David could see the sadness behind her eyes and the difference in her demeanor. He was a little surprised he seemed to be the only one pick up on her change in mood, and a little more surprised that he didn’t like seeing her upset or sad.  

He had a view of Kate standing in the kitchen wiping some tears from her eyes. He looked at Hope to see if she was aware of what was happening, but she was too wrapped up in her conversation with Nate. No one seemed to be paying attention to her once she left, he looked back to the kitchen and saw her fighting with the wine bottle. With a heavy sigh he got up to see if she was ok.

Kate turned her back and cursed the bottle of wine and the clearly broken opener. She didn’t notice anyone had come into the room till David came and gently took the bottle from her. Surprisingly she didn’t fight him, she just dropped her hands to her side and turned to face him.

“Enjoying the show? Came to reveal in my weak moment?” she asked, turning away when a tear threatened to fall.

“Absolutely not. You left before I could say I wanted I glass of wine too and I know you’d know where Leo kept the good stuff.” the corked popped out at the last word, almost as if to illustrate his point. He poured some wine in her glass first then his own.

“I don’t even know why I am so upset. Normally I think my stories are funny. I don’t know what’s going on with me. I don’t even really want to be in a relationship, so why should it even bother me?” she spoke with a vulnerability and openness she usually saved for Hope.

“You’re human, you’re allowed to be lonely sometimes and be sad.”

“But I’ve never been that type of girl before, I’ve never been the one to pine over men and get upset and lonely.”

“I know.” he took a sip of his wine, he’d let her do the talking, clearly she needed to get some stuff off her chest.

“It’s just it seems like everyone won’t stop talking about my relationship status as if I need some man to be full and complete. I don’t need or want anyone. I am perfectly capable to be on my own. I don’t need to get married to find true happiness, hell I don’t even need to be in a relationship to have kids!” she took a deep calming breath and leaned against the cabinet.

“You don’t need anyone. Just like I don’t need anyone. I don’t think they mean it as an attack on who you are, i think that they are doing it out of love for you. You may not put an importance on love and having a partner, but they do.” he sat his glass on the counter and moved closer to where she was standing and lifted her chin with one hand and wiped a stray tear with the other, “ And when they see you without something that makes them so happy they worry that you are missing out.” they stayed like that for a few more moments just staring at each other. Kate was the first to break the contact, she cleared her throat and looked away.

“Why are you being so nice to me?” she asked sliding a bit down the counter, looking into her wine glass.

“I don’t know, maybe seeing you like this reminds that you’re an actual person, not the hell beast I’ve built you up as in my head. You know dating isn’t any easier for men either, I had a girl try to stab me in an Outback Steakhouse.” he smiled, trying to return to safer topics.

“Well that I believe.” she laughed  finally able to look up at him. She gave him smile that actually made him weak in the knees.

“What? I would never do anything to warrant that” he put his hand on his chest in mock offense. She only responded with a raised eyebrow.

“Come on, let’s go back out there before they start getting any weird ideas about us disappearing together. Last thing we need is them trying to play matchmaker to us.” he picked his glass up and walked outside a little faster than necessary leaving a slightly bewildered Kate behind him.


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