FanFiction Friday!


Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve actually written some fanfic, but here is a new one I just wrote this morning. It will be a two part story, based off the official music video of “As the World Falls Down” for Labyrinth.  It doesn’t have a name, because I was just free writing on my lunch break. Enjoy!



She took the paper out of the printer to look closer at the picture of the man. Her company was printing fliers to hand out for a singer. They normally didn’t create ads for such a small venue and unknown singer, but her boss’s brother owned the small club he was singing at. It was a simple flier, the bulk of it was just the face a slender man, with a little info about when and where he was singing. Sarah knew him. She just didn’t know why she knew him. It tickled the back of her brain like trying to recall a dream that is slipping away. She couldn’t drop it, it felt too important.


She pinned the paper and tacked it directly in the center of her bulletin board on top of the mess of other papers. She took four steps back until she felt the edge of her desk hit the back of her legs then sat on it. The old desk could easily hold her weight. She knew this man, she was positive she did. It was in those strange eyes, she felt a tug in the bottom of her stomach every time she looked at them. She crossed one leg over the other so she could lean in a little closer. Her black dress wasn’t really conducive with perching on tables, but everyone else was gone to lunch so she wasn’t too concerned about flashing her underwear by accident.


She started running her fingers through her thick dark hair while she thought. Those damn eyes.  She absent-mindedly brought a strand of hair to her mouth, she hadn’t actually chewed on her hair since she was a kid, but kept the habit of bringing it up to her mouth when she was concentrating. Why can’t I place him? She swung her foot in time to a song she had been humming, a tune Sarah hummed a lot. Mostly while daydreaming, she assumed it was song her mother must have sang her as a child. Her shoe had slipped off sometime during all of this, she hadn’t even noticed it happened till the second fell off with a thud. She got a flash of recognition, a crowd of people and a blue sapphire jacket. She remembered big rock star hair, and a sparkly white ball gown. “As the world falls down.” she half sung and half spoke under her breath.


She suddenly stood and approached the picture slowly, she was practically nose to nose with the 2 dimensional man. She examined his face close up, but no more memories came. The printer made a weird noise that startled her, she whipped around quickly to look at it. It was now printing out random photos instead of the copies of fliers she told it to. There was strange rock formations that looked like a face, with an odd little creature walking by it. Then another of creatures face. She lifted the photos and looked at those.


“Hogwart…no Higgle?” she asked the picture. She felt overwhelmed as she remembered circling a room full of people in masks searching for someone, then flashes of running down a never ending corridor. She felt a little dizzy as all these memories came flooding back, memories of a little fox with an eyepatch and goblins. She went back to her perch on her desk to collect herself.

“HOGGLE!” she shouted to the empty room when suddenly the name came to her. She looked back at the strange man again, she knew he was attached to all of this but still couldn’t remember his name.
“Well, no use sitting her staring at him. I’m going to go ask him what the hell is going on.” she slipped her shoes back on grabbed her bag and left the office to the club. The show wasn’t for several hours but for some reason she knew he would be there.

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