Sunday Spotlight: Jason Nash Makes Me Laugh

*I want to introduce a new segment (idk what to call it on a blog) where I spotlight different things I enjoy, books, movies and people. I’m calling it the Sunday Spotlight. I think it’ll probably be a monthly post, maybe more often depending on what is going on in my life. Thanks for reading!


I love to laugh, one of my favorite things in the world is laughing. I love funny movies, books and people. I love stand up comedy, and comedian’s funny memoirs. I’ve gone from not liking someone to following them cause they cracked me up (on twitter not in real life, I’m way too lazy to follow someone in real life). I laugh at everything, give me a dad joke and I’ll giggle for a stupid amount of time


I wanted to spotlight someone who has been making me laugh for years now. Jason Nash.


(would you look at those eyes? Swoon!)

I discovered Jason on twitter 4 or 5 years ago, thanks to Busy Phillips who was playing his wife in a web series call Jason Nash is Married. Jason Nash is Married was around before web-series were a popular media. Jason has always utilized internet smartly, and always seems to be ahead of his time. The web series was very funny, it dealt with fatherhood and the stresses of an uneven marriage. I could really relate to what he was saying.  I was in the midst of a long divorce, depression and raising a toddler on my own, I was desperate for some distraction. I devoured his web series, I sat and watched all of it in one day.

After that I found Jason Nash’s stand up special online, I can’t remember how I found it, maybe he tweeted about it or maybe it came up in a google search. Regardless, In the land of Tall Buildings and Red Fired Engines was wonderful. I love comedians that don’t just stand up and tell jokes, I love the ones who tell life stories, who can take fucked up parts of their lives and spin it into something funny.

In 2014 Jason Nash is Married was turned into a movie. And it was wonderful! Even if Jason’s single guy mustache made me super sad. It starts with Jason narrating his story for a podcast. The movie is actually two-time frames intertwined, present day Jason learning to navigate single life, and past Jason towards the end of his marriage trying to make it work while living his dream. I’ve been on both sides of the relationship between Jason and Busy, I have been the more successful one supporting a partner trying to find himself, and I have been the one being supported. The emotions and feelings portrayed were so real. There’s something really wonderful about a comedy that can also make you feel things. The cast of this movie was insane, Casey Wilson, Rob Corddry, Patton Oswalt, P.F. Tompkins, Andy Richter, T.J. Miller, John Ross Bowie, and H. Jon Benjamin to name a few. This movie actually has one of my favorite lines ever “Life is about following the thing that you are passionate about until the very end at any cost no matter how stupid you look”.  Looks like you can watch Jason Nash is Married on Amazon, Vudu and iTunes.

Remember how I said he brilliantly uses the internet, well he killed it when Vine came out. All of his Vines were hysterical. He had some of the best characters, Alec the crack addicted uncle, overly sexual gay parents, Soda Dad (my personal favorite), all the bad high school movies. I never watched a Vine that didn’t make me laugh. Sadly Vine died, but some angel out there made a compilation of Jason’s Nash’s best Vines.

This year Jason Nash has been busy, he wrote, directed and starred in a movie called FML, which I have not seen yet but plan on getting it as soon as I get some extra money. The trailer looks hilarious, it’s about an older guy trying to get more followers so he and a younger kid take a road trip cross-country to try to get a million followers. I’m a sucker for a buddy-comedy so it’s right up my alley. He also recently launched a Vlog on YouTube. It’s been great so far, like the Vines only longer.

I really hope you guys check out Jason Nash, he is somebody who’s body of work is consistently great. Some one I really enjoy watching, and hope to see a lot more from him.

Follow Jason Nash on Twitter at: @jasonnash

Click the link to follow Jason’s Vlog here


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