And the Beat Goes on…

MUSIC! One of man-kinds greatest inventions. Music has the power invoke memories, and emotions. It can take you back in time, and even give hope for the future. It can invoke such intense emotions in a person. Songs are just small little stories, 2-5 minute escapes (sometimes 10 minute if you’re like me and love Meatloaf) to take you some place else. giphy

For me, music is a HUGE inspiration in so many ways. Most of my stories started because of a song. When  people listen to a song they think of things like “I know exactly how they feel here” or “I’ve totally been there” or how the songs relate to them personally. I hear a song and instantly put my characters in the situations. I wonder how Kate (character for my book) would react to what’s happening in the song or even just to the feelings the song conjure. I often get lost imagining situations, which is dangerous when I’m driving (Don’t drive and daydream folks). I spend a lot of time picturing fictional scenarios to music and getting lost in emotions.


Another way it helps with my writing is sometimes it perfectly sums up what my characters are going through in that moment. I actually have a soundtrack for my book, it’s not very big but I will add to it as the book gets bigger. Capturing the mood of scene can be rather difficult at time, so I think about it like I’m watching a movie, what song would be playing over the top of the scene. When I am having a hard time writing for a part I can play a song to get myself in the right mindset for that part. record

The last way music inspires me is David Bowie. There is something about David Bowie’s songs that just get the creative juices flowing. The man is my muse. It doesn’t always have to do with the above reasons, sometimes I just turn on his music and it flips a switch in me and I can just write. The words and ideas just flow out of me. All I need to a Bowie and headphones and I can get some really good ideas going. Some of my favorites for writing to is Ziggy Stardust, Heroes & Rebel Rebel from the Reality tour (has to be those specific versions), Queen Bitch, Modern Love, Within You, As the World Falls Down and Let’s Dance. I have no idea what magic Bowie spun, but it works well on me.


Comment below, I want to know do you use music for inspiration? What do you use? What does music do for you?


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