Writers High

I know I’ve been sort of  an absentee blogger lately, and I’m sorry. Things have been going on in my personal life that’s created a creative block and I was really just having a hard time thinking of anything to write. I think I finally broke through it though!

My first blog was about the lows of writing, and this week is all about the writing high.

When I feel writers block, I picture those Drain-o commercials that show a clogged pipe, once the clog moves the water comes bursting out. The feeling is amazing. It has been several weeks since I was able to actually write anything for my book, I would go to write and just sit there. I had 0 ideas. This has really been the biggest dry spell I’ve had in a long time. I decided to stop putting so much pressure on myself and just sit and read what I had. I changed one thing in one scene just slightly and the damn burst.dam.gif

Suddenly I had so many ideas! It became somewhat overwhelming. I could feel it happening, once I broke through that wall I could feel something physically change. I felt lighter, happier and more relaxed. It was an endorphin rush. It felt like a runner’s high, or what I can gather cause I don’t run.


The great thing about breaking that wall is it helped with all creative things. I sat down and knitted a scarf, I started learning to cross-stitch, I re decorated my room. It unleashed this creative side of me. It even helped my self-esteem a bit, made me feel more confident in my abilities. I can’t stop the flow of ideas for this book either, I’m becoming obsessive with it again, which is good and bad. It’s becoming all I think about, all I want to do is write and create. I am happy it has given me the momentum I needed to get into a daily writing routine, fingers crossed this one lasts long enough for me to develop a habit of writing every day.


What gives you a creative high? What makes you feel this good? Tell me below!



One thought on “Writers High

  1. Yay for breaking through! I know you needed this. Your writing is such an outlet. Plus I need you to finish that book ❤😂 I just move from one thing to the next if I hit a slump. Usually a break from whatever projective for a day or two seems to do the trick. But I am sure it is much different for you as a writer 😉


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