She Never Noticed.

Here is my newest fan-fic. It is rather short but it is an idea I just can’t get out of my head. It’s based on the fact that in “The Time of the Doctor” Clara very clearly lives on the Powell Estate too. powell

She noticed the he already knew his way around the large estate. She chalked it up to his “keen sense of direction” as he calls it.

She never thought it was odd that he knew the best place to get chips in her neighborhood, he took her a lot of places to eat when he actually remembered she needed to eat.

She never thought it was odd how he rubbed his cheek sadly that night he found her on the roof star gazing. He was always wondering off in his own thoughts, so the far away look in his eye seemed normal.

She didn’t think it was odd that he stopped parking the TARDIS outside after the conversation they had on the stairs. They were headed down and she realized she might have forgotten something and stopped to dig in her purse. She did notice him staring at the door of number 48. She had heard gossip about what happened to the people that use to live there,so she told him just to pass the time while she searched her over sized bag. She figured he loved a good mystery, and the story of the mother and daughter going missing was right up his alley. No one believed they were actually in that building, even though their names were on the death list. He didn’t let her see the

She noticed the blond when she was in his time stream, she just assumed she was just another companion, one of many she saw. She never noticed what the blond meant to him, because even though she knew him better than almost anyone, the Doctor still kept secrets, and this one secret he kept close to his hearts.

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