FanFiction Friday!

Come and get it! Fresh FanFiction Friday! Here is the second part of “The Universe’s Greatest Fairy Tale”. The story takes place right after Bad Wolf Bay part 2 with Rose and Tentoo. Hope you enjoy it!




It had been a confusing and bittersweet day, Rose was having a hard time reconciling her feelings. She was quick to kiss the blue-suited Doctor for saying what she desperately wanted and needed to hear. After her leather wearing Doctor had regenerated into the pin-striped one, he explained what had happened to him, how he was the same man just a different face. She understood that and was looking at this meta-crises as a similar thing. It was gift, to her and this universe that didn’t have a Doctor to help it. She knew the Time Lord had a responsibility to his Universe and it would always come first. She wouldn’t have it any other way. She had known that is how it should be since before Downing Street. He gave her something special, a way to have a life, to have a Doctor to love her and put her first, to be with her no matter what and who could grow old with her. He gave her a real chance at a life. She was immensely grateful to him for that, but her heart broke for the fully Time-Lord Doctor out there by himself. She wished for nothing more for him to be happy, and she felt guilty for her joy for having the man in blue.

The newly formed Doctor sat next to Rose watching her chew her thumb while deep in thought. It wasn’t hard to figure out what she was thinking about. When he saw her eyes starting to shine with tears he thought it was time to distract her. He wrapped his arm around her and she instinctually laid her head on his shoulder. He smiled at that and planted a kiss in her hair,

“Well Rose, since zeppelin rides are more slower than the TARDIS I thought maybe I could finish telling you the story we started so long ago before we were rudely interrupted.” she looked up at him in confusion and he loved the slow grin and nod he got after he clarified with “The Princess and the ogre, I never got to to the ending.” he finished his sentence with a kiss on her nose, loving being able to be free to show her affection. He never brought it up again so she always figured he had forgotten about the story after the regeneration. It was comforting now to have him continue something from her first Doctor, it helped solidify her feelings that they were all the same man. She couldn’t wait to hear the story, and she really hoped it had a happy ending.

“Snuggle in Rose, and Ill continue the tale. So the ogre and the princess took the ‘handsome and dashing knight’,” he said with no little sarcasm, “ , traveling with them. They were all great friends and had a wonderful time together, especially after the ogre had a hands off the blond talk with the knight and the knight stopped trying to get into the princess’s bed. The threesome were a great team and saved a lot of people together tell one horrible day the evil sorcerers who destroyed the ogre’s home returned and tried to kill the princess as well as an entire kingdom. The ogre couldn’t let them take her away from him too so he tricked her and sent the princess away. Well the feisty little princess was having none of that, and with the help of her dragon, ehm I mean Mother and Sir Ignoramus she found the beautiful and ancient blue fairy. The blue fairy looked into the past and future and saw the deep love the ogre and the princess shared so she filled her head with special powers to defeat the sorcerers. And you know what?” he asked looking down at her smiling up at him. She shook her head no playfully, “She went back for the ogre and she wiped them all out and saved his life again.

“ Only the power was too strong for the Princess and she didn’t know how to get rid of it. The ogre knew that the way to break any spell was with true love’s first kiss. So he gathered her into his arms and kissed her till the spell was broken and she was back to herself again. The kiss also broke his curse and his horrible ogre face disappeared in a flash of light and he turned into a handsome and rather sexy prince.”

She smacked his shoulder and exclaimed “OI! I loved that face!” he kissed away the frown line between her eyebrows.

“Hush you, its my story and Ill tell it how I please. The Princess and the ogre, cause even though he was beautiful on the outside he still felt the monster inside himself, continued their many adventures.

“They fought wolves, and were banished from kingdoms the clever Princess even defeated a creature that trapped the ogre in parchment. The ogre was so happy, happier than he ever had been in his long lonely life. He also knew that the universe wouldn’t let him stay happy, so he thought if he let Princess too close the universe would take her away from him and it would hurt to bad. He thought if he kept in platonic it would hurt less when the she was inevitably taken from him, so she was kept at a distance. The ogre would soon find out how very wrong he was, and found out maybe he wasn’t as smart as he thought he was.” He heard her grumble “moron” on her breathe, but he decided to let it slide and continue.

“You see it turns out that some how some of the horrible sorcerers had survived the power the blue fairy and were able to trap the Princess in a land the ogre could not ever reach. The ogre was depressed and sad. He missed the Princess very much. The ogre did some things that he was not proud of, but managed to find some friends to help him stay human and not turn completely back into the ogre.

“ The brilliant and fantastic Princess was never one to sit around and wait to be rescued, so she figured out a way around the spell and made it back to the ogre. He was so happy to see her that he didn’t notice the sorcerer fire at him from his magic wand and hit him. Thanks to the help of the Dashing knight and the ogre’s new brilliant friend Lady Donna, the ogre didn’t die but was able to separate into two people. The ogre and the Prince were now in two bodies, and the ogre decided that the Prince should stay with the Princess and love her and devote his entire life to her and giving her the life she deserved. Though it pained the ogre greatly to be without his Princess, he could live happily knowing that she was safe and loved. The ogre also knew that the only way for her to be loved like she deserved was to leave her with another him. For no one in the kingdoms could ever love the Princess as much as he did. The Prince had no idea how he got so lucky as to get to be with the Princess. He promised the ogre he would do everything for her that the ogre was scared of. The prince would even face the Princess’s evil mother every week for tea and biscuits if that’s what the Princess wanted. The Prince promised he was going to never take her for granted and kiss her often, to make up for all the times the ogre wanted to kiss her but never had the courage. The ogre even gave him some gold to buy the Princess a big castle of her own and his only instructions were to make sure it had lots of curtains and carpets. And that Rose Tyler was the greatest fairy tale I’ve ever heard in all of my travels through space and time.” he finished the story, and tilted her face up to him by her chin, he cupped her cheek in his hand and kissed his Princess, using every once of passion he had for her.

The moment was broken when Jackie cleared her throat “That’s plenty you two, can’t you snog when you have some privacy? People are staring.”

The Doctor and Rose broke apart laughing, the Doctor whispering “dragon” and making Rose laugh out loud.

“Doctor, I loved your story. But I was wrong, the best stories don’t start with ‘Once upon a time’.”

“They don’t?” he questioned.
She shook her head and said, “No, the best way to start start a fairy tale is with ‘Run’.” she smiled that tongue- and teeth smile at him and all he could do was laugh,

“ Quite right Rose, quite right.” he leaned down and kissed her one more time.

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