FanFiction Friday: Doctor Who Edition

Hello! I’ve been feeling in need of some major fairy tale romance, so I decided this week to share my Doctor Who fic, “The Universe’s Greatest Fairy Tale.” This one tends to get ignored online because there isn’t a lot of love for 9, which is bull in my opinion! He’s amazing and seriously under appreciated. So this one will be in 2 parts, the first starting with the 9th Doctor and Rose, the second part with Rose and the Meta-Crisis Doctor or as some people online refer to him (and never ceases to amuse me) as TenToo.


The Doctor patted down his “bigger on the inside” pockets looking for anything else he could use to get them out of this jail cell but only came up with  a banana. He shrugged and figured that it could come in handy if Rose gets hungry while they are stuck waiting for the “Captain” to come rescue them, he scoffed at that thought. He liked Jack well enough, as long as he kept his hands off Rose. He didn’t like the attention she’s been paying Jack, those looks of awe were supposed to be directed at him not the king of all pretty boys.

“Well Rose, looks like we are stuck in here tell your friend the Captain frees us. What? What’s so funny?” he asked after noticing her barely containing her laughter

“ You are you giant plumb. ‘ your friend the Captain’” she replied badly mimicking his northern accent fisting her hands and swinging her arms back and forth. “You’re jealous!” she added with a giggle.

“I am not! And I don’t swing my arms like that when I talk!” he barked back. “Whatever you say Doctor. So this could be a while, the suns setting and there’s no lights. What should we do?” she gave him a teasing grin, the one that makes him weak in the knees and instantly relieves his anger. She climbed up on the cot, back leaned up against the cold brick wall and feet hanging over the edge, looking up at him with those big brown eyes. He was captivated, she laughed again, at his dumbfounded look, and that shook him out of it.

“That brick don’t look to comfortable, budge up.” he instructed as he took her place against the wall and guided her to sit between his legs, he didn’t think anything of what he was doing till she leaned back against his chest and sighed contently when he wrapped his arms around her.

“So Doctor, why don’t you tell me a story?” she demanded more than asked. He chuckled and started telling her the history of the planet they were currently imprisoned on. She leaned her head back onto his chest and looked at him upside down, “Boring! Come on! You’ve been through all of space and time, tell me the greatest love story you’ve ever heard, oh! And make it a fairy tale!” she batted her eyelashes at him, like she had to do anything extra to get him to do whatever she wanted.

“Rose Tyler wants a fairy tale? Hmm ok one day there was a beautiful princess with big green eyes and long brown hair…” he heard her make a gagging noise and shaking her head “No good huh?” he asked laughing at her reaction.

“Nope, first of all you need to start with Once upon a time, everyone knows that’s how all the best stories start and really Doctor? Brown?”

“OI!” he said while poking her in the side, he stiffened at the sensation of her warm body wiggling against his own. “Who’s telling the story here? Fine, have it your way you demanding little human. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess with shoulder length blond hair and big brown eyes…Better?” she didn’t respond, just nodded so he would continue.She was thoroughly enjoying the rumble from his deep voice against her back.

“One day the beautiful princess was trapped in a dungeon with evil creatures trying to kill her. One of the creature had his hand up ready to do the princess in, and she screamed. Else where in the dungeon was a very mean and angry ol’ ogre. When the ogre heard her scream he rolled his eyes thinking this was another helpless princess needing rescuing and set off towards the sound of the screams. The mean ol’ ogre grabbed her hand intent on yanking her into a run but looked directly into her and lost all ability breathe or think for a full 25 seconds before he realized that he needed to get her out of there. He composed himself. ignored the tingling feeling where his hand met hers and whispered ‘RUN’.

“It didn’t take long for the ogre to figure out that she was no ordinary princess, this princess was smart and funny and very resourceful. Of course the angry ol’ ogre had been alone for a very long time and didn’t want to hurt or damage the princess so he pushed her away and sent her back to her castle. The princess was very curious and decided she was going to ask all around the kingdom of Internetia to find anyone who knew anything about the ugly ogre.” he got a pinch on the arm for the ugly comment but he continued like he hadn’t felt it.

“It seemed the ogre couldn’t get away from the princess cause she kept popping back up whenever he was fighting the creatures from the dungeon. He thought maybe it was fate, but once he got to know her a little better he figured out it was cause she was jeopardy-friendly. The ogre was amazed at the princess, she didn’t sit around and wait to be rescued, in fact she rescued the ogre a couple of times herself. The ogre decided he wanted to get to know the princess and travel the lands with her saving people together. He offered to take her away from her evil mother, who the ogre wasn’t convinced wasn’t a dragon in disguise, and pathetic boyfriend Sir Ignoramus.” This time he got a proper swat on the arm for that one, he just laughed and continued. “The princess thought she needed to stay to protect and defend Sir Ignoramus and her dragon mother, so she halfheartedly said no. The ogre started to walk away and decided he had been alone for too long, and even if he had to get down on his knees and beg he was going to convince the princess. Luckily for the ogre’s ego it didn’t take much to convince the princess.”
Rose felt very lucky she was facing away from him so he didn’t see the big tears rolling down her face. It was so him to finally reveal his feelings this way of course indirectly and in a jail cell. He continued his story absentmindedly rubbing his finger tips up and down her arm, sending shivers throughout her body.

“The ogre and the princess had many great adventures together, they faced fire and explosions and every type of despicable creature there is.The ogre saved the princess’s life over and over again, and the princess saved the ogres just as many times, and in more ways than she knew. The ogre tried to keep the princess at a distance, for fear of turning the princess into a monster like him. He found that very difficult especially after he told her the story of how he use to actually be a prince and some evil sorcerers destroyed his kingdom and cursed him to be alone for ever. The curse of course is what turned him into a monster, a monster who had murdered and done terrible things. He thought the princess would run away she found out about him, but she didn’t. She only ever held his hand tighter and reminded him he wasn’t alone anymore. Every day the angry ol’ ogre felt his heart growing more and more. The Princess and the ogre became the best of friends, and the ogre loved traveling just the two of them. But, it wouldn’t stay the two of them for long, for one day when the jeopardy-friendly princess wandered off after the ogre explicitly told her not to, she found herself in need of rescue but the ogre wasn’t around to help her. That’s when she met the…” he was cut off by Jack saying

“The dashing and handsome knight that both the ogre and princess secretly fancied?” he ended with a wink in typical Jack fashion. He somehow got had the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver and was flipping it in the air. “Well come on, we need to hurry I have a sneaking suspicion this jail house is going to explode soon.”

Rose wiped he eyes, turned the top of her body to face the Doctor, leaned in close kissed he cheek, grabbed his hand and whispered “RUN”.
When they got back to the TARDIS Rose was hoping she could get him to finish telling her the story, she desperately wanted to hear the happy ending. She would hear it one day but thanks to Daleks, the game station and regeneration though it would be many years before she got to hear the ending.

2 thoughts on “FanFiction Friday: Doctor Who Edition

  1. Great post as always my dear! I am giggling at myself because I have never once heard the term “TenToo”. I had to google it haha. The shame (right)? Oh well, each day is a learning experiencing and admittedly it has been I while since I have watched anything other than classic Who.


    1. Thanks! I’ve been having a lot of 9 and Rose feels lately. I’m thinking of rewatching the season with 9 and Rose.
      I absolutely love Tentoo, it cracks me up every time I see it on the Fanfic sites. There’s no shame in looking it up, you are deep into the Fanfic like I am lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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