FanFiction Friday!

We have reached the end of Bub’s story (for now). Here is chapter 3, I hope you enjoyed reading it because I enjoyed the hell out of writing it. Next week I will post a new story, I was thinking of posting one of my Doctor Who ones but I have another Labyrinth one that has been getting a lot of love online recently so I may share that one.  What do you think? What fandom would you like to see? I have some Doctor Who, Sherlock and another Labyrinth. Comment below! With out further ado, here is Chapter 3 “Tom and Alice”.


Sarah loved her life, she loved her little apartment, she loved her job at the bookstore, she loved her roommate Bub, she loved J–her friday nights, and she even loved the little goblins that over run her life. It was friday, and she was in a hurry from work to get home a little bit early. It was a special day, well Sarah thought it was special she wasn’t sure how other people involved felt about it, but to her it was special. It had been 5 years since her night in the Labyrinth. A night that not only shaped who she was, but also gave her this life she loved. She grabbed her bag and waved to the girls at the counter and left the store


     “My, she’s in a rush tonight.” the red head cashier commented “What do you think she does? You know she has every friday night off, but she never hangs out with anyone.” her blond counterpart said. “You mean you haven’t heard? Oh God! Jules said she has a secret boyfriend! A few weeks ago Sarah forgot her textbooks here and Jules took them to her house and when she opened the door Jules could see this tall guy lounging on the couch. She even heard him call her Queenie when Sarah shut the door!” the red head exclaimed, excited to have someone to share the gossip with again.

    Sarah opened the door to a suspiciously empty, yet extremely messy apartment. She checked her watch and found she still had sometime before Jareth came to see Bub, so she decided to get to cleaning. Not use to the silence she reached over and flipped the radio on and loud. It was nice to have the place to herself for a bit, it allowed her to sing, dance and act silly. The love songs were starting to make her feel a little sad. It was not easy suffering unrequited love, a leopard can’t change his spots and Sarah can’t stop being a little over dramatic. She wasn’t really lonely, but did she long to be held and loved. Her current situation would not allow her the ability to date really, not with work, and working on her degree or with all the random house guests. Not that she really wanted to date anyway, but some days she thought it would be nice to have someone other than her make believe relationship with the king. Suddenly her favorite song “Heroes” came on and pulled her out of her deep thoughts “OOHH!” she exclaimed turning the music up while singing loudly, completely unaware of the invisible audience she had.

    Jareth came a little early, he wanted to spend some time alone with Sarah, after all it was an important anniversary. He ordered all the goblins out of the apartment for a bit, Bub wanted to surprise Queenie with a cake so he was fine with being ousted out of his house. He and the other goblins went back to the castle to bake her one. Jareth poofed in, opened his mouth to say something and promptly closed it when he heard her singing. He stepped into the shadows and made himself invisible, he had never heard her sing before and it stopped his heart. The little siren called out to him and he couldn’t help but listen. He told himself he would let her know he was there after one song, that was three songs ago. He watched as she danced, and saw her face as she seemed to be deep in thought. 5 years had done nothing but strengthen his love for this girl, he was immeasurably grateful that Bub had moved himself in and gave him a chance to be in her life. He took great pride in watching her become the woman she is today. He noticed her excitement at a certain song, clearly a favorite. He was engrossed by the emotions that crossed her open face as she sang the words and wished that maybe there was a secret meaning behind her love of this song. “You, you can be mean…” she sang, yes my dear and so can you he thought and continued watching her. He noticed the look of longing on her face when she sang “Cause we’re lovers, that is a fact” like she was thinking of someone specific, and wished to the gods that it was him she was thinking of. It was at one particular line she sang with her entire heart that he could no longer keep his presence unknown

“IIIIIIIII I WILL BE QUEEN,” she changed the lyrics to suit her, “ And YOOOOUUUU you will  be my king!” she turned at that moment to find the same King she was singing about lounging in her wingback chair, the chair Bub called her throne, with a smirk on his face.

“You know Queenie, I keep making that offer and you keep turning me down.” he said chuckling at what he thought was a very witty quip. Sarah was too embarrassed to say anything. She couldn’t really tell if she was more embarrassed over what she got caught singing or the very high falsetto note she tried with “you.”

“Don’t Jareth, don’t act like you ever once meant it, we both know it’s only a joke. Even in the Labyrinth you only were using it as a ploy to distract me.” she told him angrily. Sarah tried to calm down, but her emotions were raw from embarrassment and also what today meant to her. She tried to remind herself that he didn’t know about her love of him, so he didn’t know how hurtful his teasing was.

       Jareth was confused, not that she was angry. They were regularly angry with each other, they both had rather bad tempers and he loved it. He loved the fight and challenge she  gave him, he loved every infuriating second he spent with her. He was confused at her words, did she really not know how he felt? He went to respond but she cut him off, “I know you and the goblins  think it’s hilarious the idea of a regular mortal girl being queen, but it’s hurtful when you guys say it. It reminds me all the time that I’m not actually good enough to be royal.” with this she turned her back on him hoping he didn’t see the tears starting, but of course he did. He noticed everything about her. He stood, grabbed her by the wrist and turned her to face him. “Queenie, what are you talking about? Of course I mean it. You aren’t some regular girl, you never have been. You are the one and only person to ever beat the Labyrinth. You are the only person the goblins seem to show any respect for, they already think you are their Queen. In fact I keep getting asked when you are coming home… and you are the only woman I have ever loved.” he lifted his hands to cradle her face, and leaned into kiss her. She screwed her eyes shut and froze, she was not 100% positive that this wasn’t a dream.

      He noticed she was not responding and mumbled against her lips “Sarah, this tends to be more enjoyable if both parties kiss.” Still nothing from her he leaned back and noticed her eyes closed. Having her face in his hands still, he took his thumbs and rubbed gentle circles on the apples of  her cheeks “Queenie, open your eyes and look at me,” she took a deep shuddering breath then finally complied. Her heart stopped at what she found. His normally cool and disconnected mask was finally down and all she saw was undisguised love and adoration in his eyes. He seemed so honest, his eyes without guile. She started to cry more. He shushed her and kissed her face, starting with her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and face trying to stop the tears. “So my love, as your song so plainly yet accurately puts it. I’ll be the king, would you be my Queen?” though the tears hadn’t stopped they flowed for a different reason, and she nodded her head. She was about to  kiss him when the moment was interrupted by Bub’s untimely entrance.

Bub hadn’t heard what was said, but he did see the tears in Queenie’s eyes. He threw down the cake he was holding and rushed to the King. Jareth felt Bub’s little fists pounding away on his shins and knees, he bent down and picked the goblin up by the back of his shirt so they were eye to eye. Jareth squinted his eyes and asked, “Bub what the devil do you think you are doing?” “KING MAKE QUEEN CRY, BUB GONNA MAKE YOU PAY FOR THAT!” he yelled again trying to punch the king in his face. Jareth looked from Bub to Sarah, who was laughing uncontrollably at the site these two made. Bub was swinging around trying to get a punch or a kick anywhere he could, but Jareth had him far enough out to where his little arms and legs couldn’t reach.

Sarah stopped his tiny fists of fury with one hand and said “It’s ok Bub, these are happy tears.”
Skeptical the goblin asked “ya?” “Yes.” she confirmed. Jareth cut in, “I was just in the middle of asking her to marry me and come home with us when you interrupted.” he poked Bub in the chest as he said this. Bub looked from his King to Sarah, he crossed his little arms in a huff and said “Finally! Bub wondering when you two morons realize you soul mates!” “Soul mates? Bub what do you know about soul mates?” Jareth asked with his familiar haughty sneer. Sarah answered for Bub, “That may be my fault, a couple years ago I was sick in bed for a few days and may have gotten him hooked on daytime soap operas.” she said a little sheepishly.
“Yep! You two like Tom and Alice, made for each other. Bub loves show ‘Like sand through the hourglass—” he was interrupted by Sarah putting her hand over his mouth. She leaned in and finally kissed her king. Their kiss was met with cheers and applause from all the inhabitants from the Labyrinth that had shown up for the surprise party. They were finally getting their Queen.

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