These are the Days of Bub’s Life…PT 2


Hello and welcome back to FanFiction Friday!! Here is part 2 of my personal favorite story These are the Days of Bub’s Life. Thank you for checking back in with me, I will have part 3 up next Friday!



Chapter 2

Sarah and Bub got use to living with each other. They developed a comfortable relationship with one-another. She even got use to the weekly visits from the king, they got along better than she ever thought possible. It took some time for her to realize what really happened in the Labyrinth and even appreciate the changes it made in her. She was careful with words now, and closer to her stepmother. She realized she was in fact being a spoiled brat, and her relationships with everyone changed. She saw her mother less as a glamourous hero and more of the selfish woman who abandoned her family. She learned to respect her father and Karen, and did not mind babysitting Toby anymore. She adored her baby brother. After she came to all these conclusions, she saw Jareth in a different light and they became friends. He was actually quite funny, in a dry sarcastic way. He loved trying to get a rise out of her, but she could also see he was not as heartless as she thought. She began to look forward to his visits. She enjoyed spending time with her friend. At least she thought they were only friends, tell one friday he was 2 hours late for his visit and she started to worry. In the midsts of yelling at him for being so rude it hit her, her worry and anger stemmed from feelings much deeper than friendship. She apologised and made up an excuse to why she was so upset and ran upstairs. There was only a couple weeks of awkwardness, and he made a point to never be late again.

When Sarah turned 18 and moved away to college, Bub followed with her. He was excited the day her college roommate moved out. A month of all of her stuff going missing all the time and Sarah talking to herself was more than she could take. News traveled fast and Sarah was not able to get another roommate so it was just her and Bub. Bub was finally able to have friends come visit as long as they all cleaned up after themselves. Sarah enjoyed having the space alone as well, she could have her Labyrinth friends come and go as she pleased, and didn’t have to try to explain away any misdeeds done by the mischievous little buggers.

Jareth and Sarah’s friendship recovered from her explosion 2 years before once she convinced herself that nothing would ever come of it. She knew he couldn’t return her feelings. Even if he ever had any for her, which she highly doubted, she ruined that chance when she was 15 by rejecting him. She was also positive that when he had offered her himself it was strictly a ploy to try to distract her. What on earth, above or below, would he want with a regular plain mortal girl? He was a king! A magical king at that! He was hundreds of years old, and probably had more beautiful lovers than she could count. Lovers who were also magical, and unique and she was sure she could never compare to any of them. No she was just regular old Sarah. His buddy. Someone he could tease and joke with, not someone you marry and make a Queen. That never stopped him from joking with her about it. He would always make comments about taking her back with him, jokes that always sounded more like threats. Who she was also didn’t stop the goblins that came visiting from calling her Queenie. She knew it was joke at her expense but she laughed along with them not wanting show her disappointment that it would never come true. It was another thing she got use to though, like the slobber and chicken feathers everywhere. She didn’t particularly care for it, but it became part of her life. Even Jareth called her Queenie.

The day the “Queenie incident”, as Sarah referred to it, she came in the door from a late study group session to find a group of goblins wearing some of her clothes and in the middle of a huge mess of books. It looked as if they took every single book off her shelf and threw them everywhere. Jareth popped in, right exactly on time by the way, to find her barking orders at a group of rather guilty looking goblins. To his amazement they were actually cleaning up and alphabetizing her rather expansive book collection. “What are they doing?” he asked, still a little shocked at the orderly fashion they were behaving in. Sarah looked with her brow furrowed in frustration, “What do you mean? They are cleaning up the mess they made of my books and closet.” he stared at her for a few seconds before asking “You mean you can actually get them to repair damage they cause? Why don’t you ungrateful little monsters ever do that at home?” he addressed the entire room. Sarah shrugged “They always clean up for me, do you actually think I’d let them come visit here for three years and not force them fix their messes?” he only laughed “Watch out woman, I may take you back to the Underground and make you my Queen, then maybe I could live in something that actually would resemble a castle!” he laughed loudly at his joke, as did the goblins. He took her silence at the joke to mean she was still angry with the goblins. Bub pulled on her pant leg “Lady be Queenie?” he asked hopefully, she didn’t have a chance to answer before all the goblins started shouting and whistling in excitement. Some were shouting in agreement, she should be the Queen. “Quite!” Jareth yelled sensing her uncomfortableness, for he knew the idea of being with him was something she would never actually want. He did see a chance to ruffle her feathers though, ” I think all your shouting is giving Queenie a headache. Finish up here and head back to the castle.” he ordered. Jareth looked at Bub, “Bub are you coming back with us?” the little goblin held on to Sarah’s ankle and shook his head no, “Not without Queenie!” Jareth laughed and disappeared, his laugh was still ringing in the room even though he was physically not in the room.

2 thoughts on “These are the Days of Bub’s Life…PT 2

  1. Thanks! I love Bub so much! I really want to do more stories with him, but between life, this blog and my book I just don’t have the extra time. Maybe one day soon I will. I think my next one I will post is Crumbling Worlds, it is getting a lot of likes online.


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