FanFiction Friday!

It is FANFICTION FRIDAY Y’ALL! I think every friday I am going to post some of my fan fiction. I figured I would start with one of my favorites (btw I’m feeling better so everything I write is not garbage), this one is a Labyrinth fic. I love love love me some Labyrinth, and only a small fraction of that is because of Bowie’s pants. Today I will post part of a fanfic and will post more next friday.

Quick disclaimer though, when I say Fanfic, I do not mean the freaky super smutty stuff. I stick to lighter fluffy stuff. Think of Fanfic as the pride lands in Lion King…

tumblr_m4bsz1tKdN1qbrtsbo1_250.png The really freaky stuff is beyond our borders and we must never go there. *(Truthfully there is no judgement if you go there I just don’t. Like what you like and read what you want.)

So with out further ado, here is part one of “These are the Days of Bubs Life…”

Chapter 1: Roommates

There is an unwritten rule that when one throws a party, there will always be that one guest who over stays his welcome, and no amount of polite hinting will make them understand it’s time to go home. In most cases said party-goer will leave at some point, and certainly doesn’t make himself comfortable and stay for years. As they said there is an exception to every rule, and Sarah Williams’ exception was called Bub.

       Truthfully she was not sure what his real name was, but she figured asking after 5 years of cohabitation it would be rude to ask. Bub was a rather small goblin, no bigger than a teddy bear, he had large brown eyes and even bigger ears. His left ear had a chunk taken out of it, almost like it had been gnawed off. He had wild white hair that stuck up everywhere and rounded belly that stuck out of his too small shirt. Sarah found him the morning after her victory party curled up at the back of her closet fast asleep. She took him by the shoulder and shook to try to wake him up. He grumbled and curled into a tighter ball. She shook him a little harder and watched as he took his sweet time actually waking. He stretched and scratched his tummy finally sitting up and looking up at Sarah. She couldn’t help but laugh at the goofy little guy. He was like one of those dog’s that were so ugly they were cute.

“Time to go home bub, party’s over!” She told him poking him in the chest. He looked up squinting his eyes, “Nah! Too hungry to travel.” he groused. Okay. He is clearly not a morning per-uh-goblin she thought. Sarah rolled her eyes and told him “Alright fine, I’ll feed you this one time, but then it’s off with you!” she couldn’t keep her serious expression for long when he gave her such a funny crooked smile. She went to stand but stopped to ask “What’s your name anyway?” he only lifted on shoulder in a shrug and replied, “Bub.” and smiled again at her.

        She wouldn’t be able to explain needing two bowls of eggs to Karen and her father, so she dished up an extra helping into hers and slipped another fork into her pocket. Back in her room she and “Bub”, that’s the only name he’d give her, shared their eggs and talked. He told her all about the Underground, his friends, and family. He told her about his job at the palace shining the kings boots. She was amazed how normal everything sounded, even the King himself. Nothing at all like she experienced the night before. Ignoring the fact that all the subjects weren’t human but odd creatures, everything sounded exactly out of a history book of the medieval times. She was reminded herself a lesson she learned the hard way that not everything was what it seemed in the Labyrinth. This made Sarah doubt what she thought she knew of Bub’s king. She wanted to try to get him talking about Jareth more, but wasn’t sure how to open that gate. He was very talkative, so maybe if she could bring him up then Bub would spill what he knew. 

“Bub? What about your king? Do you like being ruled? Wouldn’t the goblins prefer to have a democracy?” she asked, and immediately regretted after looking at his face. Bub was staring at her with his head tilted, one eye squinted and mouth agape in confusion. Right, must be to complex of an idea for him. Maybe I didn’t need the games to get him to talk about Jareth…
“Bub, king good or king bad?” she simplified. She saw the understand cross his face and smiled again “Oh yes! King good! Kingy very good! Kingy protect us from bad men who want slave. Kingy fair and take good care of goblins and wished-aways.” he leaned in to whisper “Bub think kingy really like the babes. He sing and dance with them, make babes happy.” Sarah laughed at the picture of the imposing figure she battled singing and dancing to make a baby laugh. “But doesn’t he turn them into goblins after their families lose the Labyrinth?” she thought aloud more to herself then Bub. “Nope!” he said happily “Kingy says to many goblins already. Gives babes to families who want them. Not many try to win babes back, most happy babes gone.” He finished the last thought with a nod and jumped down off the bed. “Thanks for the food Lady, Bub tired, gonna sleep.” Sarah was shocked at what the little goblin just told her, and didn’t bother to protest when instead of the mirror he went back to her closet.


       Two weeks passed and Bub was still in her room. The only other person who could see Bub was Tobey, but her parents just chalked his laughing and babbling to nothing as him being a silly baby. Bub was a nice little goblin, he was easier to live with once Sarah got him house broken. That had been easy enough to accomplish since Bub decided he never wanted to Lady as mad as she was after she had throw out her favorite shoes. Sarah thought of it like having a little mischievous puppy who slobbered on things, chewed on them and sometimes hid shiny stuff all over the house. Some days it was harder to deal with than others, and today was one of the hard days. She already had a rough day at school and came home to a mess of what she hoped were feathers from her pillow not an actual bird in her room. She sat down at her vanity trying to figure out a way to get the goblin to go home, nothing she said or did worked. She tried hinting, than asking, and even telling. Bub would always just laugh and walk away. She reached into her drawer to get her brush and pulled out what she decided to call a hairball. “UUUCCKKK!!! DAMN IT BUB!!” she yelled, thinking how she was lucky no one was home to hear her. She got up and crossed the room “GOBLIN KING! I NEED TO TALK TO YOUR FEATHERY BUTT RIGHT NOW!” Bub jumped from his spot on the bed and hid behind it. He appeared in a puff of smoke and glitter on her vanity stool. He was a picture of nonchalance lounging backwards with his elbows propped on the table and his legs stretched out in front of him.

“Really there is no need to shout, and if you’ve realized your mistake and expect to take me up on my offer, I’m afraid you’re too late. I wont be making that mistake again.” he looked down and plucked an invisible piece of lint from his shirt trying to mask his pain with indifference. When he was met with silence he finally looked up and saw her staring, confusion plainly written on her face

“Wha-your offer? Don’t tease me right now, I’m in no mood. That was a trick to try to get me to give— anyway I called you cause I need you to deal with Bub!” she tossed the “hairball” to him. He sneered at it, the same sneer he gave Hoggle when he noticed the bracelet Sarah had given him. “Who the devil is Bub and why would I need to deal with him?” he sat the “hairball” down on her vanity, and wiped his hand on her stool. She only pointed towards the bed where he some some wild hair peeking out from behind it. He crossed the room in two long strides and crouched down facing away from her and facing the little goblin. “You named it Bub?” he asked over his shoulder, the sneer still on his handsome face. His handsome face? Where did that thought come from? she thought to herself. “No! I called him bub once and he named himself Bub. He’s been here since the opart-the night I ran the Labyrinth and refuses to leave! I think he imprinted on me like a baby duck!” she omitted the party, she didn’t think it would be nice to rub the victory party in his face. He raised one eyebrow at her and turned to speak to Bub, who at least had the decency to look ashamed. She couldn’t exactly make out what was being said, she thought bits of  it was probably in a different language. She heard Jareth chuckle and say “Yes the lady is very pretty but that is no reason to invade her home. What are you up to little one?” Sarah blushed at the compliment and was a little amazed at the tenderness he was showing Bub.  Bub said some things and made some wild gestures and Jareth responded with “Well yes those are the Fae rules, but you and her are not Fae so they don’t really apply to you…” he nodded as the little goblin interrupted him. Eventually he stood and turned to Sarah, with a very amused smirk on his face.

“Sarah, are you familiar with Fae legends and rules?” he asked, she nodded, ” Well your little friend is as well, and he says you fed him, danced in a circle with him and sang to him. He thinks he belongs to you.” he watched her warily waiting for realization to dawn on her for what he just said.

“I No! I didn’t sing and dance to him, just with him and others. I fed him cause the little turd said he wouldn’t travel on an empty stomach” she stopped her eyes widened “…but wait you gave me a peach and we danced and you sang…” she sat down on the bed feeling defeated. She would have to go back, she’d probably never get to see Toby again.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to force you into anything, I prefer my women willing, not hostages.” he said quickly pushing down the disappointment at her reaction to the idea of being with him.

She looked up at him with a defiant tilt of chin, pretending to be more confident than she actually was and said “That’s good. So any way can’t you just make him go back with you?”

Jareth responded with a shake of his head, “Sorry, I cannot take what is not freely given,” she opened her mouth to protest and he stopped her with a raised hand “Don’t even, you wished away your brother I didn’t steal him. I cannot interfere with Bubs free will.” she nodded in agreement, still a little shocked at the man she’s dealing with and his difference from the man two weeks ago. She really couldn’t argue with his logic. If she made him force Bub home, then she’d being making it okay for him to force her back underground.

” I’m sorry my dear,” both cringed at the term of endearment, him at not meaning to say it and her not wanting to admit how it made her feel. “, but it seems you have a new roommate. Don’t worry though goblins are fickle. I’ll come back in a week and see if he’s changed his mind.” He disappeared in another puff of smoke before she could protest.

That’s how it went for 5 years, every friday night Jareth would appear ask Bub to come home, Bub would politely decline and they’d try again in a week.

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