First blog post

Welcome one and all!

So this is my first attempt at a blog, I have been resistant to trying one out but the pull has gotten too strong. I’ll be honest, I have been distrustful of blogs because to me they always seemed like online diaries and I’ve never enjoyed keeping a diary. Mostly due to the fact I grew up with a really awful (and I mean AWFUL) sister and let’s just say my few attempts blew up in my face.

My eventual turn to the blog side came in the form of a very close friend of mine running her own blog, (plug time, check out for some great book reviews) and  actually changing my perceptions of what a blog could be. I was prejudiced to them, thinking that I didn’t want to read selfish ramblings about their lives. I like my self ramblings about lives limited to 140 characters on twitter thank you very much. In all seriousness, Danielle showed me that blogs were not always the shallow social media thing I thought they were.

I am writer, I write everything. Even my preferred form of communication is texting (Don’t call me, I don’t use my phone for that).  One day I would like to publish my book, the idea of walking into a bookstore or library and seeing my work out for others to read terrifies and excites me to no end. That is my dream. Writing has been a huge part of most of my life, until I let low self esteem and doubt stop me from writing all together for nearly 10 years. One magical day I discovered Fan Fiction. It literally changed my life, as a person who has a really hard time letting go of her favorite fictional characters this was heaven! I decided to pick up the pen again (or more accurately plug in the laptop) when I read a Sherlock fanfic that the author at the end actually asked for people to continue her story. I had an idea and thought, hey I could do that!

Fan fiction allowed me an outlet to practice writing stories with out the pressure of coming up with characters. Hey I know these characters inside and out, I just needed time to practicing telling a story again. Fan fiction gave me freedom to develop my own voice and style of writing. I was surprised when my stories started getting more and more hits and likes. At this point the only person I knew in  real life that knew I wrote and posted was my boyfriend at the time. He was very supportive, but my ego wouldn’t take his compliments for anything more than he was just saying they were good the way he told me I didn’t look fat. A funny thing happened, I started getting more and more likes and views on my stories. Fear of rejection and people making fun of me I wrote under a fake name and didn’t tell anyone else about my stories. I finally showed Danielle my stories one day, and she didn’t hate them! In fact she was excited about them, and really seemed to like them. She encouraged me to look into blogging about writing rather than hiding in the dark corners of the internet. I did more research about blogs, read A LOT of other writer’s and readers blogs and thought, I can do that too!

Which brings us to today and my first ever blog post. If everything works out the way I hope, I plan on posting once a week at first. I’m going to discuss writing, both fan fiction and my novel ( a story for another post). I will post some of my own writing as well as discussing my process and hopefully get some interviews with other writers out there as well. Stick around, I think it’ll be a fun adventure!tumblr_npjmu5ztJp1reqjk7o1_500

10 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Don’t use your phone for calling? You’ve got a follower in me! (also, Danielle might’ve gently nudged me over here by mentioning you in her latest blog post ;).


  2. Welcome to the blogging community! So you can hula hoop for 30 minutes, respect! I’m glad Danielle could convince you, you won’t regret it and I predict many many followers. I also love Me Before You and I have several Scarpetta books so you’ve got a follower in me. Do share your fanfiction and maybe do a post with some recommendations?


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